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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never taken pole before, which class should I take? Pole Level 1. This is specifically for new pole students.

What do I wear? Shorts are best and a comfortable fitted shirt. If this is uncomfortable for you, just make sure you will have a decent amount of skin contact with your arms, legs, and the pole.  The more skin contact you have with the pole the easier class will be for you. We dance barefoot and DO NOT WEAR LOTION! Lotion reduces friction and will cause you to slip off the pole.

I am not in good shape/ I am older/ I've never done any form of dance before/ I am a larger person.... etc.... Is pole for me? YES! POLE IS GREAT FOR ALL AGES, SHAPES AND SIZES!! It's a fun workout no matter who you are, and an excellent confidence booster! We are all unique and beautiful people so don't let ANYTHING stop you from giving it a shot! It could be life changing if you fall in love with it!

Can my boyfriend/ husband/ significant other attend the class? NO BOYS OR ONLOOKERS UNLESS THEY WANT TO PARTICIPATE! Boys and significant others are welcome to take a class, but no one wants a creepy guy staring at them while they spin around a pole.  

What is your class schedule? It's on THIS WEBSITE! If you are concerned about holiday hours or cancelled classes, all you have to do is click the link that says "Sign up for classes" or something along those lines. This will direct you to our scheduling program where our weekly schedule is ALWAYS up to date. And ALWAYS SIGN UP FOR CLASSES ONLINE! This ensures that you have a spot in the class and that there will be an instructor here to teach you. It also helps you because if the instructor is late they can text or call you to let you know.

How do I book a party? Its best to call or email our studio to book your pole party. We can take reservations up to one year in advance. Please have your projected date and time in mind when calling. Also know how many people will be attending the party. We book up quickly so please call in advance to reserve your preferred date and time. 

Do you offer private or semiprivate lessons? Yes, we do. A private lesson is $60 an hour and a semiprivate lesson is $80 for two people. Both options are excellent if you are uncomfortable with larger groups, or are looking to excel more quickly as we are able to work one-on-one with you at your own pace.

I would like to lose weight, what classes should I take? All of our classes will help you lose weight. Our beginner pole class can burn 350-500 calories per hour. Pole Workout and Boot Camp will help you tone and define your muscles, and Zumba is an excellent cardio workout.

Is there a weight limit on the pole? Yes, there is a 250 lbs weight limit on the pole. There are plenty of larger women who excel on the pole. Don't let your weight discourage you. The moves are designed for anyone to do. They are taught in an order to help you build strength and to accomplish future moves.

"This is the best fitness training I have ever been a part of. Going to the gym doesn't cut it anymore."