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What We Offer

Twisted Fit offers a variety of pole fitness classes including Introductory pole dancing classes, invert techniques, advanced pole, pole dance conditioning, twerk workout, stiletto pole choreography, sensual pole choreography classes and private lessons. We also offer girls night out parties for your bachelorette, birthday, or just for fun events. Contact us at 832-515-9403 for more information and turn your party upside down with us! 

What To Bring To Class 

We encourage you to wear a tank top and shorts because fabric leggings or pants are slippery on the pole. Your goal is to stick! On that note, do not put any lotion or body oil on before pole class because that will make you slippery too. Also, please remove jewelry before class like rings, bracelets, watches, etc. We don’t want you to injure yourself or damage your beautiful jewelry. For Twisted Fit’s stiletto and sensual pole choreography classes, we recommend bringing heels and knee pads. As far as twerk class, you can wear your tennis shoes. If you forget anything, we will have it in the Twisted Fit Shop. Please do not forget to reserve your spot for class online because class space is limited. And most importantly, don’t forget to bring your radiant smile and rockin’ attitude.  

Class Descriptions – Each class is one hour long 

Intro to Pole – This is Twisted Fit’s introductory level for beginners. Everyone needs to come to this class first even if you have pole experience elsewhere. If you do belong in a more advanced class, the Twisted Fit team will place you in an according class after they evaluate you in intro to pole. This class will go over the fundamentals of pole and give you a good foundation to advance. Don’t worry about fitness level, weight, or age. Our experienced instructors can always give you modifications so you can learn the moves. Prerequisites : None

Pole Fundamentals (Level 1) –  After getting acquainted with the pole in intro to pole, get ready to step up your game in level 1. We will focus on gaining strength and flexibility, learn more spins, perfect our invert, and find our pole flow. Prerequisites are round a bout, climb, drag and fly spin, chair spin and boomerang spin. 

Advanced Fundamentals (Level 2) – Your pole journey has turned upside down in this level! Learn all the different things you can do from an invert. Perquisites are the outside leg hang and crucifix.  

Invert Techniques – Let's invert! This class covers strength, conditioning, and proper techniques to help you get your inverts down safely and gracefully on the pole. Prerequisites are Level 1

Mixed Level Pole- This class is open to everyone who has taken at least 5 classes. Our instructors will help you work on the moves you want perfect.  

Sensual Pole Choreography- Slow, sexy, seductive choreography. Open to all levels. Heels are optional

Stiletto Pole Choreography – Heels or not! Learn a sexy routine up, down, and around the pole. We’ll start with a slow sensual warm up to get in the zone to dance and find your flow. Prerequisites are level 1 pole. Kneepads and leggings required. 

Twerk- Learn those booty poppin' moves you've always wanted to. Shake it up. down, and all around in this high intensity class

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