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Ready to embark on a journey with incredible women just like yourself? By becoming a Twisted Fit Babe, you'll unlock a host of benefits, including newfound strength, both inside and out, a boost in confidence, and the opportunity to join our supportive sisterhood. We highly recommend kickstarting your adventure with our 'Intro to Pole Four-Week Series.'

In your very first 'Intro to Pole' class, anticipate an engaging and nonjudgmental environment where you'll delve into the foundational elements of pole dance. There's no need to stress about your skill level; that's precisely what we're here for! Our skilled instructors excel at offering modifications, ensuring that every participant can master the art of pole dance. As you wrap up your inaugural class, you'll undoubtedly leave with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, eager to return for more.

Explore Twisted Fit's upcoming 'Intro to Pole Dance Four-Week Series' below, and secure your spot by clicking 'Sign Up.' Please remember to book your class promptly, as our class sizes are deliberately limited to guarantee a personalized experience, with only one person per pole.

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